Why you should use CHATBOTS in your business?


Time is valuable and chatbots can help your business communicate with a large number of online visitors at any given time. Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence (AI) based products designed to interact with online visitors and answer their queries. This reduces the dependency on the availability of human customer supports who might not be able to answer a number of online visitors at a given time simultaneously. This AI based tool helps you to reply within seconds and can be integrated with websites, applications and chatting softwares like WhatsApp, signal, messenger etc.,

A chatbot has many uses:

Chatbots reply within seconds

As chatbots are automated and designed to help online visitors get answers to their queries its important that they answer quickly in seconds. Chatbots replies within seconds and provides a faster interaction with online visitors. This helps in getting customer satisfaction because you are saving time of the customer by providing them fast replies at all times.

24X7 availability

Unlike humans a chatbot is always available. Your office might be closed or your customer support can take leave but a chatbot works at all times. So, you are actually working by interacting with online visitors even when you are physically not present. Thus your business is always awake and functioning steadily.

2 main types of chatbots

Different types of businesses have different type of requirements. Chatbots are built in such a way that they prove to be useful and can genuinely answer to your online visitors. Two primary types of chatbots are Transactional and Conversational Chatbots.

Transactional chatbots offer only a fixed set of options to online visitors and answers as per the chosen option. Restaurants, banks and certain types of offices avail this option.

Conversational chatbots are designed to converse like humans. Using Artificial Intelligence conversational chatbots is made in such a way they are aware textually and contextually. This way these chatbots can understand the actual query of an online visitor and can answer accordingly.

Large number of handling capacity

You can manage a large number of online visitors to the number of thousands and even more as per the design and technology of the chatbots. You can use these chatbots to help in answering visitors related to a huge event or ceremony.

Wide number of uses for different purposes

A chatbot can help with booking tickets, find products, choose room options etc., and can also offer personalized recommendations as per the choices of the customers. This will help your business in a great way because you are now interacting and solving queries of a large number customers simultaneously 24X7.

Lead generation

Chatbot also helps with lead generation by engaging with customers in an efficient way. Rich conversations and quizzes are done with these types of predefined chatbots and in the end they request customer emails and other details to send them the reports. Thus, a chatbot can also be used as a passive lead generator. In this way a chatbot can also help you collect a lot of email addresses.

Product selection

A chatbot influences the purchase decision making of visitors by helping them in choosing products and easily go to the payment page. Some discount coupons and other perks are also offered by the chatbots. In this case a chatbot acts like a salesperson who is guiding and helping a customer in choosing and proceeding to payment.


A chatbot is primarily an AI based helping tool that is now used in different areas. The technology is AI based interaction. You can use this technology for so many reasons. You can use it to book something, to choose products, offer discounts, go to the payment page, take client feedbacks and complains, carry out market searches and surveys and a lot of other things that you can possibly think.

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