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Get your work done right from the safety of your home

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we are going through a very serious and challenging time. The time is such that you have to think twice before going out to work. But even after everything that this pandemic is causing the work and business must go on to run our economy, company and family. You […]


Things you should look for before hiring a software development company

Before you hire an IT company for your projects you must consider a couple of things so that you can be sure that your projects are in safe hands. Well, there are a lot of companies available in the market and all seem the same in one way or another. So, how would you decide […]


Why do you need digital marketing for the success of your business

Business is mainly for generating profit and profit depends on good business. Well, the fuel here is clients. You need actual clients to run your business. The challenge here is that you are not alone. There are millions of other businesses that are offering similar services and they are your competitors. You might have launched […]


Why do you need to hire a software development company for your business

Your business needs professional services to work efficiently. This service should always come from experienced companies or individuals in terms of software support and maintenance. People might think that hiring an individual may become profitable for the company since individuals generally charge less than companies. But as in most cases you might end up spending […]


Why you should use CHATBOTS in your business?

Time is valuable and chatbots can help your business communicate with a large number of online visitors at any given time. Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence (AI) based products designed to interact with online visitors and answer their queries. This reduces the dependency on the availability of human customer supports who might not be able to […]

Best software development and IT company in India, Kolkata, west bengal. Donube LLC Uncategorized

Why do you need smart switches in 2021

Well, what exactly is a smart switch? Switches aren’t smart they are just switches, aren’t they? Well not exactly anymore. A smart switch can turn off the connected light or fan or any electrical appliance for you. You only need to give directions to it with a click on your mobile phone application and you […]

Best software development and IT company in India, Kolkata, west bengal. Donube LLC Uncategorized

Why you need SEO for your business?

Everyday millions of websites are created globally and crores of websites are running on the internet. Out of all these you might know the existence of a few trending on the top on search engines. There might be a lot of reasons behind this but one of the most important reasons is Search Engine Optimization […]

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Why you need a mobile app for your business?

A mobile application for your business is not just a tool for branding or luxury anymore but has become a necessity for various reasons that you will find below. More and more people are using mobile apps these days for ordering online and this is just the beginning. With your own mobile app you can […]


Why Web Development is Important for Startups and small businesses?

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