Why do you need smart switches in 2021


Well, what exactly is a smart switch? Switches aren’t smart they are just switches, aren’t they? Well not exactly anymore. A smart switch can turn off the connected light or fan or any electrical appliance for you. You only need to give directions to it with a click on your mobile phone application and you can operate it. You need an active wifi internet connection at home to get access to the smart switch 24X7.

Save electricity wastage

Sometimes we do forget to switch off the lights and remember it only when we are out of home. Well, it’s no big deal anymore because you can switch it off from anywhere using your mobile phone application. This way you can save electricity wastage.

Enhanced safety

A vacant home with electricity powered on can sometimes be risky because there will be nobody to look after the damage if some short circuit or something happens. With a smart switch you can always monitor the status and condition of the connected devices and can take required action.

Decrease your electricity bill

Electricity bills are sky high and every increasing. You have to be very attentive to reduce or stop electricity wastage at home. But we are all humans in the end and it’s not always possible to keep a track on every switch. But what if you could set a timer that would automatically turn off the lights at a particular time so that you don’t need to bother getting up from the bed to switch it off yourself! It’s now possible with a smart switch. You can actually set an alarm or timer and can just fall asleep while reading books and not worry about keeping the lights on the entire night; because the smart switch would do it for you.


One other advantage is that a smart switch allows you to turn on or off the connected appliance using your mobile application. It actually acts as a remote control. So, now you don’t need to get up from the comfort of your bed or sofa to switch off something because you can turn the switch on or off using your smart phone.

Installation is easy and will fit your existing board and setup. We will guide you to get the installation done with ease. Its safe and a convenient way to control the switches and the connected devices in your home. The switches and the entire setup are ultra-durable and long lasting. Contact Donube today to get your smart switch at a discounted rate. One of our client friendly customer support will contact you and do the needful.

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